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From: Stephen Koehnen

February 28 2008
I am using my daughter's email address. I was stationed at Marine Headquarters, III MAF, from Nov 1968 to Dec 1969. I work in the Company Office.

From: Onnie J Florence Jr (O.J. )

February 25 2008

From: mike ouellettte (  

February 18 2008
When I die I'm going to heaven, cause I've already spent my time in hell

From: KEN MARLOW (  

October 10 2007
I was stationed in nam from march of 1967 to june of 1969 I was at Camp Horn also General Cushman was there when I was. Seeing the pics sure brought back memories and caused me to recall alot that was forgotten.

From: David Needham (  

October 8 2007
In early summer 1969 I was Escaping a rocket attack and was pinned between the outer concret wall and the bunker. I need whitnesses or any information concerning the rocket attack. Semper Fi

From: Phillip Rhoades (  

Home page:
June 30 2007
I'am Phillip Rhoades,this is my guest book.I,am ''Reverned Phillip Rhoades'',I know that I put My name is jb! Who are you.When you signed my Guest book.But let me up date this book for you.First thing, I would like to Welcome Home Every one that served in Viet Nam. This is about a schunk Chopper that went down at Camp Horn Viet Nam on 1/30 1970 and the time was 1:45 P.M. and I was told that 26 personal went down with it.That Chopper burened up on the ground,and no one came out Alive.I''am the Sgt of the guard that took pictures of it as it came down and burned up.You can see my pictures of it,and more at on that well me my story of it.Thank you for singing my Guest book.God Bless each of you.You can e-mail me at,or Phone me at 517-566-2051.(Reverend Phillip Rhoades)

From: Glenn L. Stokes  

June 29 2007


June 21 2007

From: Ouellette (  

June 21 2007
Spent 19 months there as one of the techs in the switchboard vans ''Hi '' to all who remember.July68 to March 70 Semper Fi.


June 19 2007
Checking out Phils story

From: Charlie Santos (  

May 26 2007
(try again!)
Thanks! Brought back lots of memories. I was with 3Rd Radio Bn, III MAF, Camp Horn Aug '68 - Feb '69.

From: Charlie Santos (  

May 26 2007

From: Phillip Rhoades (  

Home page:
May 16 2007
I was in Da Nang VietNam from 1969-1970,My camps name was Camp Horn.I was Sgt. of the guard at the main gate at camp Horn.On 1/30/1970 a C46 Scnunk Chopper went down right in front of camp Horn.It burned up on the Ground.No one came out from that crash,they all burned up with that Chopper.I took pitures of it as it came down and burned up on the ground.I gave the film to my Offer so they could see just what made it come down.They blowed up the pitures that I had gave to them.On the pitures that they had blowed up was a date of 1/30/1970.And a time of 1:45P.M.They gave me some of the pitures that I took of it,I have the pitures yet today.I well never forget that day as long as I may live.If any one can remmber that day Please e-mail me at''God Bless all that went down with that chopper crash,and ''God Bless all that Served in Viet Nam''And Welcome Home''

From: Phillip L Rhoades (  

Home page:
May 15 2007
I was at Camp Horn from 1969-1970.I was Sgt.of the Guard at the maine Gate.On 1/30/1970 a C-46 chopper came down right in frount of the Camp,it burend up on the ground.No one came out from that crash.I took pitures of it as it came down,and I gave my offer the film,to see if they could see just why it came down.The time on the pitures was 1;45 P.M. they blowen up the pitures of that crash.They gave me some of the pitures of it.And I have the pitures of it yet today.''God Bless the men that burned up with that Chopper''''.And God Bless all that servid in Viet Nam''.Mr. Phillip Rhoades.If any one can remmber that please E-mail me You.P.S. ''Welcome Home''to all that servid in Viet Nam!

From: David Alen (  

Home page:
January 9 2007
Its really a nice site Thanks

From: David Mata (  

November 29 2006
Welcome home.
Servicemy time from May 68 to Dec. 69 at 624 S&S Co Long Binh Post.

From: James Stephenson (  

November 12 2006
I was stationed at Horn in 1972 with the U.S. Army. Co. c/ 504th MP Bn. I have pictures and will try and scan then and get them to you. The pictures you have posted of Horn now were very interesting. THANKS for being there.

From: Pete Thompson (Cpl) (  

November 1 2006
Thanks for the site, I was at IIIMAF Dec 68-Nov 69. Comm, COC bunker. I've got a few pics from around the base, and a 360 composite shot from the top of the water tower, showing the entire base (almost), DaNang, Monkey Mtn, Marble Mtn etc. Can possibly scan it, but it would be in 3 to 4 segments. Pics of rocket hit outside our barracks, and concussion damage from the ARVN dump blowing up one of the 2 times it got hit while I was there. Also a pic of Freedom hill exchange after it suffered concussion damage from 1stMAW dump blowing up. Real sad :-)

From: casey dulemba (  

October 30 2006

From: Olek  

Home page:
May 8 2006
My friend too!!!

From: James Gibson (  

March 11 2006
Welcome home from an Army Grunt, My company (565th Trans ) was attached to the 3rd MAF for about 6 months. Never knew much about the fource except for the work we were doing, so I was just on a information hunt about the unit as a whole. we always got along well with you garheads, had some good and bad times, the Navy guys could be trying sometimes so we ususly hung out with you guys. We turned into brothers in the end. Thanks and good luck. JLG RVN 67-70

From: S/Sgt. Terry C. Lipchow (  

Home page:
February 26 2006
3Rd MP Bn. 3rd MAF Brig Da Nang 69-70

From: John R. Bollman (  

February 3 2006
Nice site.

From: Terry Olmem (  

December 11 2005
At III MAF sept 68 to may 69 in TTC section

From: T.C. Roos, Cpl U.S.M.C.  

November 8 2005

From: T.C. Roos, Cpl U.S.M.C. (  

November 8 2005
I went by the name of Sparrow. I was with III MAF 9/68 to 10/69. I worked in supply warehouse and was on the road most of the time.

From: Jennifer Martino  

November 1 2005
t h a n k s


September 18 2005

From: Sgt Rick Mason (  

August 2 2005
I was at camp horn with the III MAF D&B 1968 and later transferd to 3rd Div. Band at Quang Tri. I was a drummer/bugeler.

From: Paul (  

Home page:
July 6 2005
Cool site!

From: george scapin (  

June 8 2005
I spent my time with the H & S Co., III MAF at Camp Horn 1969-1970. I remember the bar fight we were in at the e-club with the Army (We won). One big gently sargent who took on the army guys (He won and got busted). I remember a guy name Golden from Calif, we hitch hiked to an army base to get our G.E.D (We passed), a guy named Louis Carver from New York who was my best friend (Brown Belt). A guy in the band who was so hairy that he shaved the hair off of his chest and belly to look like a peace sign (Played rock music). The Rok Marines who took no prisoners (Bad Dudes). I rembr the guys who try to write up a drunk Lt. (All of them got busted) The guy that commited suicide in the laundry room (Before he came back to the world). The guy who fraged his Captain (Stayed on #10's), and Banks who went crazy (Sent to Japan). The rockets hitting our base (Miss me). Going to China Beach for fire pratice (tat tat tat boom). The sargent who drank Obese and stayed up for 4 days (yawn). I want to tell all my brothers who died in Vietnam, and to all my brothers who came back. .....Semper Fi......Give me 10

From: Sal Interrante (  

April 20 2005
I was at Camp Horn from Jan 1 68 to Jan 17 69 wanted to say hello to everyone in security

From: Ronald Flippo (  

March 22 2005
In communication 1967 -1967

From: Mike (  

Home page:
January 7 2005
nice site ... greetings

From: Russ Orebek (Orbie) (  

December 8 2004
Great web site. I was there from March to August 1969. The photos brought me back. I've got some pictures stored in the attic. I'll dig them out and send them in to you. I remember VanBushkirk, Pedro Calderon, Dick Simmons, Top Sudam. Other names are in my head somewhere.

From: Nick McInchak jr. (  

December 4 2004
I was an MP at III MAF from April 69- Mar.70 Spent most of time at Dep.CG I corps beach house security near the CAP unit.

From: Rick Martin (  

November 14 2004
I also served at CIB July-69 March 70.
Motor Transport. Served with Vance Broome, Bob Lang, Ron Sortino, Col. Redman. Dale Dye, Ron Ruiz Tom Bartlett Larry Choate and a long list of others I have forgotten.
Anyone remember me?

From: carl motley (  

November 13 2004
I was with 1/3 in 1968, based at Camp Horn. Semper Fi.

From: cuko (  

Home page:
October 31 2004

From: garland westbrook sa/gmg (  

October 8 2004
was a shame that the okie boat (did great in viet nam) was sunk. A great travesty.

From: Bob Nelms (  

October 5 2004

From: Bob Nelms (  

October 5 2004
Looking for Al Szczepanik (sp.?) and Malachi (sp.?)...
I was in the band at Camp Horn, in '68, juat after the Tet offensive.

From: mumumu maga (magaman@OWERRI.ENUGU)  

October 4 2004

From: Jim Lasseter (  

September 21 2004
Hey Rick,
I definitely remember Vance Broome. I think I remember Bob Lang. I lived at CIB for a year and I knew/met a lot of correspondents that came through there.

From: David G. Gonzalez (  

September 2 2004
correcting my e-mail address
Semper FI! Marines

From: Captain Burl D. Bolton, USMC (Ret.)  

August 30 2004
I served with H&SCo, III MAF, Camp Horn, RVN from November 1968 to November 1969. I was a Sergeant and a Military Court Reporter. As I recall, a Colonel White was the CO of H&SCo when I got there and General Cushman was the CG III MAF. I retired from the USMC in February 1986 as a Mustang Captain. I do have some photos from my Vietnam tour and will dig them out of storage, digitize them, and email them to you. Semper Fi. Captain Burl D. Bolton, USMC (Ret.)

From: David G. Gonzalez (  

August 28 2004
Barnett, Thanks for the web site, and the pictures. long story, but I have no pictures. I would like to hear from you or anyone else. Anybody hear from Ehlers? Anybody Call Me... any time. 817-626-1304.
God Bless All! DG Gonzalez



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