Camp  Horn, Vietnam

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 Bull Fight Med Cruse 1970

Dec 2007

Phillip Rhoades

Eddie Bray


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would like

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I have added more pictures

 and Comrades that we have

found This sight will not

have all garbage

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Semper Fi All

I would like to thank all that have

come to my site and most of

all The Vets from Nam We were never told how

well we did or got a thank you from

our own, But the one think

we never got was a Welcome Home.

So I say to all of you- 


 It has come to my attention that the

country is in need of our help

again for all of you

that gets the call, remember this is

 what  we have done and will

continue to do




Bull Fight Rota Spain 1970

If  anybody has any pictures of Camp Horn ANY Service I would honored to place them on my web page

me doing time on

sand bags

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I Just found this on eBay

Hq 3rd MAF

Da Nang Viet Nam

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