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Midway Reunion 2013


Good morning,

Sitting is David Gonzales, behind him is his nephew and family, standing next to Dave's nephew is Richard Brittain, Rodney Clay, and Vic Bellotti, kneeling with hand on chair is Gene Crego. We served together at III Marine Amphibious Force Headquarters, H & S CO., Security, in 1968 and 1969. We stayed at the Navy Lodge San Diego at 32nd Street. Thursday evening ate dinner at Friday's in the Gas Light District. Friday morning at MCRD attended morning Colors Ceremony (reserved seats in front), Basic Marine Graduation Ceremony of 6 Platoons(reserved seats front row at the Reviewing Stand with CG and invited guests), lunch, visited the Marine Corps Museum. Saturday headed to Camp Pendleton. We visited the new Main Area by the Mail Gate, old Main Side, Mechanized Museum, Wounded Warrior Battalion-West (since it was Saturday and not had arranged during the week, we were not able to visit), drove by areas and short stop of 1st Marine Div. area. Most hadn't visited the area since training in 1966 and 1967. Sunday, we visited the USS Midway in down town San Diego. The weather was great. Monday, we left for home. We are planning to visit Washington, D.C., or Branson, MO. next year. We would like anyone who was stationed at III MAF, H & S CO., Camp Horn from 1965 to 1970 . We are not getting younger.

Semper Fi, Brothers and Sisters Forever, Gene Crego


Dave And Annabelle


3rd Maf Band




Helicopter Pad




Sgt. Edmund Matanane and LtGen. Robert Cushman



Pictures of Main Gate